‘Accelerate’ on Spotify!

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Sundays we’re always in the studio producing new material, got a blasting track coming up.

And check out our first and latest single as its up on Spotify, add it to your lists if you like!


Our debut single!

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Hey hey!

FINALLY our debut single ‘Accelerate’ is out! Listen and tune in for more on our facebook page! Thanks for all support!

New Single soon done!

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Today we went up to Stockholm to check out the Cosmos mastering studio. Hoffe (guy in pic) is the man.


ianizer & Lemethy signing with Swedish label Uniform Beat!

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Uniform Beat

So, the story is: We signed with Uniform Beat, good people, good vibes, releases coming!

ianizer & Lemethy signing publishing and management deal with…

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Edition Bjorlund

That’s right, Edition Bjorlund, Niclass Bjorlund is our go-to-guy.

New remix: Nause – Hungry Hearts (ianizer & Lemethy remix)

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If you haven’t heard it already, Nause added a vocal to their track ‘Mellow’. Luckily for us, we had already made a remix on their Mellow track that we had lying around, so we just threw the vocals in and voila!

New remix: MRTN ft. Lovisa Negga – Slow (ianizer & Lemethy remix)

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Hey, new remix up on Spotify and Itunes and… everywhere else. I met Lovisa Negga a couple of months back, backstage at a concert by common friends of ours. Then MRTN asked us if we could remix his new track featuring Negga, small world. Of course we could!